Wii U Update 5.1.0 Released Bringing System Transfer Between Consoles

Nintendo’s Wii U has received a new update in 5.1.0, with its main feature being the ability to transfer data between Wii U systems. The process will allow owners to send their saved data, Nintendo IDs, user names, and digital content to other consoles, though that data will replace any on the target Wii U. Nintendo released a full list on what this means for users.

  • All content from a Wii U must be transferred. You cannot transfer just a single user or Nintendo Network ID through this process
  • All content on the target Wii U will be lost when the console is formatted and then replaced by the content from the source Wii U, with the exception of Wii Menu content (which will be merged), Internet connection settings, TV settings, Wii U GamePad TV Remote settings, and Wii Remote and Wii U GamePad pairing
  • The source Wii U will be formatted once the transfer is complete
  • Nintendo Network IDs that previously existed on the target Wii U can be relinked after the transfer.

    • If these Nintendo Network IDs are relinked, content purchased by them on the target Wii U will become available for download. The save data for IDs that previously existed on the target system will be deleted as part of the system transfer process, and any USB Storage devices that were previously used will need to be formatted to work with the Wii U again
    • There is a limit of 12 Nintendo Network IDs that can be linked to a single Wii U at one time
  • Wii Menu digital content is transferred, but it is not deleted from the target Wii U. Wii Menu digital content from both consoles will be combined.

Elsewhere the update brought the ability to browse the eShop using a Wii Remote, Wii U Pro controller or a Classic controller. There were also some system ability issues that were addressed.

Source: Nintendo



  1. Being able to browse the store without the gamepad is very welcome.

    Nintendo needs to make the next step and Link your purchases to your Nintendo ID instead of the system, so it’ll work like on Playstation and Xbox. If your Wii U dies, you’re still screwed. But now you can transfer your stuff should you want a different colour plastic.

    • I don’t get why they’re so far behind on this. I’m on my second Wii U, and the albeit small amount of digital content I originally bought isn’t accessible to me. Comparatively, I can fire up Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on my Vita which I bought years ago and have played on a multitude of PSP’s.

      Surely it’s not that difficult a step to take?

      • I think they’re getting closer though, given how cross-buy is now possible. This means that the Nintendo ID knows what games you own digitally.

        I’d expect it within a year, but them being Nintendo it could take longer.

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