Destiny Maintenance Finished Early As Xbox Gamers Join The Party

Good news, everybody! The Destiny beta test is back, and it’s back ahead of schedule. Originally the plan was for the maintenance to extend into Wednesday, and then likely not return until early evening for Europeans, what with Bungie running on PDT. However, as some were lucky enough to discover just before bed time in the EU, Bungie got the game up and running again just a little bit early.


That’s had a knock on effect of allowing them to chuck out Xbox One and Xbox 360 codes left, right and centre, as the team in green get to join in on the action. If you’re after a code on either Xbox, the process is the same as it was for PlayStation gamers last week, of feverishly refreshing the codes tab under you profile. This will similarly give you an initial smaller download followed by a larger one. PlayStation players, meanwhile, have a small patch to version 1.02 to enjoy.

Quite tantalisingly, for those who have already seen much of what the beta has to offer, Bungie wrote on their news page:

If you’ve already played, you haven’t seen everything yet. We’ve got some surprises in store, and if you play on Saturday, July 26th beginning at 2pm PDT, we’ve got a permanent reward on reserve that will commemorate the experience.

While we already knew about the permanent rewards for playing on Saturday, the promise of further surprises is something to look forward to, potentially similar to the Iron Banner competitive play or opening up new co-op missions.

Source: Bungie, the overwhelming wave of joy that graced Twitter.



  1. Just played some destiny on my ps3. Although I was getting hyped for the game, all the gameplay videos just did not do it for me. But after playing myself, I can say this game is amazing. I never thought that a FPS (single player) could be this engaging. Oh and to my surprise the ps3 version holds on very well…it looks really good actually, but then i haven’t seen the ps4 version yet

    • The PS4 version looks decent but not particularly “next gen” so I wouldn’t worry too much.
      The game has always been cross-generation so there was never going to be a huge difference and it’s more about the experience than the visuals.

  2. The fact the reward is permanent is intriguing. They apparently still haven’t made their minds up on whether beta progress will carry over into the full game release or whether you’ll have to start all over again. Hope it carries over because I can’t be bothered starting all over again! The permanent reward makes me think it might carry over.

    • I don’t think beta progress should ever carry over; it’s an incomplete version which will have undergone certain changes before the full release and I’d prefer to start afresh.
      The permanent reward will be some sort of loot, like a special armour / skin, a bit like the LBP Beta tester vest.

      • Some people have suggested that they could let us keep a character but strip out experience and story progress, leaving you with all the equipment you’ve unlocked for the character, ready and waiting for when you reach the right level. Peronally, I think this could be the best of both worlds.

  3. I might give this another go if there’s some added content although my impressions at the moment aren’t very positive. To be honest I’ve found it a bit dull and pointless so far.

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