Class Action Suit Against Sony Could Yield $15m In Digital Compensation

Remember the PSN Hack back in 2011? Those were the days, right? When the PSN was down for ages because someone got into the safe and looked at all your secrets instead of only being down for a day at a time because Sony’s maintenance team is keen as mustard.

Well, if you live in the United States of America and you suffered because of the indignity of losing free PSN access for a few weeks then it might soon be time to celebrate. Sony is proposing that it makes amends by offering a choice of free game (PS3 or PSP, naturally) or three months of PS Plus access. Now, obviously the PS Plus time is the best option here, especially since the PS3 games will be the like of Dead Nation, inFamous and LittleBigPlanet while the PSP games will include LittleBigPlanet, ModNation Racers and Killzone Liberation. The catch is that, in order to claim the PlayStation Plus subscription time, you’ll have to not already be a member of Sony’s excellent subscription service.


They’re also proposing that you might be able to apply for a few dollars to be added to your SOE Station Cash to spend in Sony Online games. You might also be allowed to choose a month-long subscription to Music Unlimited if you were a Qriocity user who didn’t have a PSN account.

The games they’re offering will be Sony’s choice and the titles being suggested are all fairly old now – and similar to the ones they offered in their “Welcome Back Pack” in 2011 when the lights came back on. This proposal obviously doesn’t constitute a $15 million cost to Sony, given that the services they’re offering are their own, the games are those they publish and the SOE Station Cash will be spent within their ecosystem.

The idea still might not go ahead, either. It has to go in front of a judge who will decide if it’s good enough to make amends (hopefully he’s a big Modnation fan…) and the decision isn’t expected until May 1st 2015, by which time those old games will be even older.

Source: Polygon



  1. Just a hug from Shuhei Yoshida would be fine. :-P

  2. So were America not offered the same welcome back pack then? This seems pretty weird if they were.

    If they weren’t, why has this taken so long?


    • It is strange. The US did receive the “Welcome Back” games, so it seems that the free games back then were only good for an apology and not full compensation.

  3. Did the Yanks not get what we in europe got about 3 years ago? Was it all held up because of this case?

  4. Bloody Americans. I don’t mean all of them, some are lovely, just the sue-em-all wankers who think they’re always a victim with that entitlement complex. Well, you’re not the victim, something happened and it got fixed, you didn’t die because of it and if you had then you’d only yourself to blame for being a whiney penis face overreacting. Now fuck off and stop spoiling things for the rest of us, you wankers.

    • Oops, there was a terrible lack of commas in there, my apologies. Please don’t sue me!

      • I considered it, but “whiney penis face” saved it. :)

    • Yeah, you have to laugh that they took sony to court and 3 years later they got what we got basically without moaning about it….

    • As far as I know that is because their legal system is just organised in a plain stupid way. It rewards bloodhound-type lawfirms to look for any class action opportunity. It is them who then go and convince ‘victims’, mostly not being aware they were victims at all, to take that role and act as such.
      But, of course, the Americans are responsible for their legal system.

  5. Well, if that’s what happens when you’re unable to prevent a hack, i can’t wait to see the NSA class-action suit.

  6. What’s annoying is, Sony were themselves victims of these vile criminals. And yet, instead of placing the blame where it belongs, these Americans chose to sue the victim. The large multinational company. And for one simple reason… they know they won’t be getting any compensation from the hackers. The people that actually caused this. Compensation? They deserve nothing but scorn.

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