Another Report Points To Google Purchasing Twitch

A couple of months ago a variety of financial outlets began whispering that internet giant, Google, were looking into purchasing the current king of video game streaming, Twitch, for somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 billion. The outlets differed in their reports of where the deal was, with some saying it was finished and others saying the two sides had not completed the process just yet.

Yesterday, VentureBeat reported something similar, stating that it’s a done deal and that Google have indeed purchased Twitch for the $1 billion previously reported. It’s important to note that neither Google nor Twitch are confirming these reports at this time, but with so many different outlets all reporting the something similar, it seems likely that there’s legitimacy to the rumors.

As Tuffcub noted a couple of months ago, YouTube has their own streaming service but it pales in comparison to the kind of streaming traffic Twitch bring in each month. Twitch currently have over 50 million active monthly users, and the service accounts for 1.35% of all internet traffic.

Source: VentureBeat



  1. Hopefully this means more bandwidth and stability for Twitch.

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