LittleBigPlanet 3 Braves New Worlds November 18th In North America, 21st In Europe Probable

The North American PlayStation Blog has gone live with a post confirming that LittleBigPlanet 3 will be launching November 18th, though as per usual UK players will be likely to get the physical release on the 21st. We already knew it would be launching in that month, but it is nice to have a more accurate date. The blog post also reconfirmed that LBP 3 will on the PS3 too, so you don’t need to buy a PS4 to continue Sackboy and friends adventure.


Some exclusive pre-order bonuses were also announced with those ordering from US retailer Target getting a Sackboy plush. There’s also a Day One Dragon Age: Inquisition costume pack, at least for North America while those in Europe will have to wait a little bit. A 4 The Players costume pack is also included letting players dress up Sackboy as characters like the Helghast or Nathan Drake. Those choosing to order digitally will get a LBP 3 T-Shirt pack, which can be used in LBP 2.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Cool, a few costumes as preorder bonuses shouldn’t upset anyone. I presume, like with LBP and LBP2 that any purchased costumes packs etc can be transferred to PS4. I’m looking forward to seeing what the LBP community get up to with the new tools and features, loved the 2D arcade games in LBP2.

  2. I’m failing to get excited because knowing November and Call of Duty plus other games kids should never play. LBP3 will just be pushed back to 2015.

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