Video: Exploring Beneath The Surface Of Destiny’s Moon

The Destiny beta’s come to an end, but for a brief two hour period, we got to visit the Moon. The actual mission we got to play was rather short, but diverging off the beaten path let us explore almost the whole area. Aran and I, a pair of intrepid explorers if ever the were any, buddied up and descended into the deepest reaches of the Hellmouth, battling Hive Knights, Ogres and Wizards along the way.

Obviously, you’ll want to avoid clicking the play button if you’re wary of spoilers, but I try not to give away too much, just a few highlights.



  1. I’ve not been following Destiny very closely, it comes across a bit too RPG-ey for me, but this two hour Moon session has got me interested. I love that, for such a short space of time, there’s been so much to explore, especially this enormous underground area. Presumably there’s other places that few people have managed to see, very clever publicity it gives a great impression.

  2. Didn’t manage to get to the moon during that time, but liked the Beta quite a lot. Looks good, thanks for the capture..!
    Agreeing with Ron above, the marketing works quite well, so far, as Destiny got me to switch my PS4 back on for the first time in about two months.

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