Destiny Raids Won’t Have Matchmaking, Take On The Challenges With Friends Only

IGN has run a feature that talks about one the things that wasn’t present in the Destiny Beta, and that is the raids. Those are different from the strikes you may have taken part in, due to the fact you could play with strangers. However if you’re going to go for a raid you’ll need to team up with friends because matchmaking isn’t supported in this mode. This is because Bungie believes a team that plays together well will be required to conquer these areas, and they won’t be easy.

Bungie’s Luke Smith said the following:


“Unlike a bunch of the other activities in Destiny, where you begin the activity – like let’s say you pick the level-22 Strike playlist – everything in that activity is going to be level 22. It’s going to be consistent. If you’re level 26, you’re going to have some relationship to it. You’re going to be more powerful than that activity.

In a raid, when the raid begins at level 25, it’s not where it ends. Like part of going the raid is the journey of gearing up; building your arsenal to react to the situations that it’s going to ask you to go through.”

Raids also won’t be short affairs with the advice being to get ready to put aside a couple of hours to beat them, as there will be different stages and each will require teamwork. The raids will be difficult and even as a team players may not complete them the first time due to the challenge that is present. There won’t be waypoints or any pointers in telling you what to do next, everything will have to be figured out to move forward.

Source: IGN



  1. Makes sense. No doubt they considered farming it out to all player but, from what I’ve played of raids in the past, you simply cannot win with randoms.

  2. And that’s just put me off the game, no matter how much fun the beta was. An idiotic decision. If it’s that vital to play with friends, people will form groups and play with them. And if you want to give it a go with random people, you should be able to.

    One thing I was impressed with in the beta is how quickly a group of 3 random people were working together. If they’re not letting you do that with the endgame content, I’m not sure I want to bother with the rest of it.

    • Yeah. If only we were part of a large online group of mature, like minded players who are likely to put a large amount of time into the game…..Oh, wait on! :D

      • That’s fine, but it still involves enough people being online at the time. And some multiple of whatever number are required for these raids.

        Sometimes it’s quite nice to be able to play in a group of totally random people, without having to organise things invite friends into your party. If we can’t be lazy about things, what’s the point of all this modern technology?

        I don’t know what the real reason is, but this “the endgame raids are soooo hard, you’ll all die if you don’t know each other well” stuff sounds a bit dubious to me.

      • Fair comment. I guess I can’t argue with that.

        I suppose I’m looking at this through the eyes of a one time MMO player. I always saw journey rather than the destination as the whole point of events such as this. Many times I’ve found failing just as much fun as wining.

        If you ever get to the point you’d like to try one…I got your back jack ^_^

      • Well, Destiny is sort of an MMO. With lots of shooting and some very light RPG elements. And not enough loot.

        I’ve had a lot of fun lately with that DC Universe game on the PS4. Got the platinum trophy surprisingly quickly, decided on which characters I’d use, and then spent far too long with all the endgame content.

        The 2 and 4 player instances are great with random people. Some players may be doing a bit more work than others, but you generally get through, and everyone ends up with lots of nice loot.

        8 player raids are a bit trickier, but still possible with random people. (Helped by being locked to a minimum combat rating). And failure (which, like we saw in the strike sections in Destiny, just means a boss respawns with full health) still leads to lots of nice loot.

        So yes, failure is just as much fun. Playing with random people can be just as good. And if the developers have done their job properly, it _should_ be just as much fun.

        We’ll see in a few weeks time, I guess.

  3. I meant to ask about clans during the beta (was too busy playing)

    Were there any clan options/matchmaking available? I didn’t see any ingame options for it. But I did see on the companion app that my resquest to join the TSA clan was accepted. Didn’t see any ingame way to take advantage of it.

  4. Slightly off topic, but are there any other fools who have the £80 limited edition on preorder?

  5. Given there were too many of my friends list playing to all join together I’m not worried about getting a team for these. In fact I look forward to it!

    Gazo and bullyburton and I were pretty frickin solid in the beta. Hope that continues amongst the likes of vandix,rad,teflon, djh etc. Can see this being a dream multiplayer ride.

  6. Kind of disappointing as I dont know many people with ps4 =[
    though I will still be getting the game I think.
    So if anyone wants to add me =]
    PSN ID : olirox13

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