Roll Out With The PS1 That Transforms In To Optimus Prime

I have covered the Sega Megadrive that transforms in to Megatron in a News Snatch a few months ago and now he has someone to battle against, his eternal foe Optimus Prime who happens to transform in to the original PlayStation.

The prototype model was revealed at the Summer Wonderfestival in Japan a few days ago and is unpainted, which doesn’t matter too much for the PS1 as it was grey anyway, but Optimus has to be blue and red so quite how they will achieve that is a mystery.

Takara Tomy are also making the PlayStation History Collection 20th Anniversary Edition, a collection on tiny PlayStations from one to four, including the revised ‘slim’ PS2 and top loading PS3.

Source: TAG Hobby


  1. I’m not that into Transformers but that PS1 is pretty special, i wouldn’t want it painted either.

  2. I almost thought it might be a working PS1, silly me. Still very, very cool.

    • This needs to be a thing; put the disc drive on his back, replicate the rest of the gubbins in some small chip somewhere, and have it play the PS1 startup sound as it transforms… >.<

      I'll have them all, plzkthx. An army of Optimus PS1mes…

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