Podcast: Episode 149 – Oddworld and Destiny

There’s good news and bad news for this week’s podcast. The bad news first: Kris isn’t on. The good news, though, is that Kev got new sounds to play with. So that is bound to go well, right?

Lewis was on hosting duty and so didn’t remember to put together a quiz but we still did our usual hellos and listener questions at the end.

The News segment focussed on the complicated story of the Homefront IP’s travels between publishers and EA’s new Xbox One exclusive subscription service. We also talked about PlayStation Now and the news that Journey and The Unfinished Swan appear to be PS4-bound.

Unusually, we’d all done basically the same things this week so we had a group discussion about Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty before discussing our various differing experiences with the Destiny beta. Then we spoke about House of Cards, being very careful to avoid spoilers, and Kev’s adventures with Lego Batman 2 on Vita. Lewis wrapped up the talk with his thoughts on a film called Goal of the Dead, about zombies and football in France. Lewis watched some weird stuff.

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1 Comment

  1. Great start, loved the explosion ^^ As soon as I hear that Lewis is hosting I know what’s coming xD The explosions were amazing :/ Could you provide more os such sounds? Like plates crushing? Window smashing? Car crash? More like that :P

    I’m so angry that New’n’Tasty is not coming out in a box or a collectors edition. Would buy it ‘day one’. Come on, Lorne. Child of Light got a boxed version. Why not doing it the same for a fantastic game like the adventures of Abe?
    Is the health thing the only difference between normal and hard?

    I so cannot wait for Destiny. No need for any more words as I have probably already talked about how much I’m looking forward to it. PS4 White Destiny bundle, why u not in Poland !!

    Too many games, no time for TV series :(

    To be honest I very much think the idea to have you guys talk about things you all played is a great thing, even if this means the quiz will need to be dropped from time to time. The quiz is funny, but the discussions you guys have are far more interesting.

    Good one lads, thanks ^^ Sorry, for not having any questions. Working on some stuff for a polish PlayStation news site, just takes so much out of my free time :( I will prepare better next time :P

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