Touch Your Way To Rapture, Bioshock Is Coming To iOS

Get ready to stroke a Big Daddy as Irrational Games’ BioShock is getting an iOS makeover which will include controller support.


The game remains relatively intact but senior producer Brian Lowe has said, “we had to make some minor changes to the graphical features due to limitations of the hardware, such as removing dynamic shadows, or changing the way fog is displayed.”

The game requires one of the new iOS devices, an iPad Air or iPad mini 2, or an iPhone 5, 5C, or 5S, and there are no plans to bring it to Android. The game will be premium priced at £10.49.

Sony’s attempts to bring Bioshock to Vita have failed so far but now there is an iOS version it could be ported directly to the PS Vita.

Source: Pocketgamer



  1. Wow fantastic, never played it and thought I’d wait until the Vita version came along, this would be perfect for a bit of Rapture on the loo… or anywhere else on the go of course.

    • Bioshock 1 needs/must be played on a tv!

      I’m a massive bioshock fan, and sorry but touch controls will be rubbish for this, I don’t see how they can make the use of plasmids and guns at the same time usable with touch.

      and again a vita port? no thanks bioshock is very atmospherical and the vita really wouldn’t do it any justice IMO

      Rapture is all about feeling like your really part of it – don’t know how a vita port could do this in such a small screen

      (yes I’m a vita fan and yes I own one, and every time I’ve bought a new tv first game I replay has been bioshock (32/40/51/60 inch))

      • Fair enough, I can understand what you mean about playing on the big screen, maybe I’ll see about a PS3 copy instead!

      • I agree, playing Bioshock on a mobile device defeats the entire point of the game.

        Ron, buy it on consoll

        I’m a bit pissed they’ve even made this, instead of a PS4/Xbone remaster.

      • See what touchscreens does to a man!

        What I meant to write in my second paragraph was:

        Ron, play it on PS3 instead. It’s fantastic and very atmospheric. You wouldn’thave half as ggood an experience on mobile. And if possible, with surround sound. I’m guessing the mobile version will have terrible audio in comparison.

  2. I’ve never anyway good at shooters or action games on iPad, but I’ll have to get Bioshock, it’s too good not to have available on a portable.

  3. Without controller support I can imagine this would be shite, pretty much like every FPS on a touch-screen phone.

    I should imagine this will come to Vita. Seems costly porting it exclusively to iOS, and if it doesn’t appear to be coming to Android.

    • All GTAs were ported to ios and although I bought them they were pretty rubbish to play! shame they didn’t port them to a Cato as they would of worked.

      but I agree this on a touchscreen will be awful – as it’s not just an aim and shoot FPS you also have plasmids which is another set of controls at the same time

      • Also the Splicers would be very hard to aim at due to their fast, sporadic movements. And as Forrest says, the Big Daddy fights are pretty frantic. I suppose I shouldn’t be too negative – perhaps that’s why they have opted for controller support.

        Way overpriced too…you can get the game on most other (better) formats for less than half that price.

  4. I can’t see how this would work. Or more to the point, work effectively enough with touch screen controls to be viable. What happens when you come face to face with a big daddy? I can’t imagine touch controls would allow for the stealthy approach or backing off hurriedly.

    Full on frontal assaults were never really an option for big daddies.

  5. I hope this comes to Vita, it really should!
    The underlying graphics architecture is very similar to that of the iPad so with some work it shouldn’t be too difficult.
    Borderlands 2 got ported and BioShock has the benefit of much smaller levels.
    I’ll be keeping everything crossed because it’s such a great game!

    (However Deus Ex The Fall would have worked well on Vita but never got ported so maybe I shouldn’t hold my breath?)

    • is borderlands ment to pretty naff on the vita though?

  6. Can see this being extremely fiddly to play.

  7. Wow. I’ll give it a try. Won’t be perfect but hopefully will be close.

  8. Is Vita as powerful as iPad Air? I’m odd on that I love all the shooters on Vita so please port!

  9. Not surprised, was obvious given the teaser. But it is overpriced, given you can get the proper version cheaper than that. And I somehow can’t see a casual gamer making much sense of this game, even if some of those are quite determined to even accept rubbish controls. But it’s probably a wise decision, given the number of devices out there and that it’ll make some cash.

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