Last Generation Title Assassin’s Creed Rogue Seemingly Releasing In November

While the focus is on Assassin’s Creed Unity, the upcoming co-operative game for PS4 and Xbox One with a French Revolution backdrop, everyone has also been wondering what Ubisoft would be doing for last generation customers.

And now it appears that Assassin’s Creed Rogue is the answer. At least, if the screens below from an alleged trailer are anything to go by.

It looks like another swashbuckling adventure, rather than anything brand new, though a return to the high seas isn’t necessarily a bad thing – Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag proved very popular.


So, it’s likely we’ll see a reveal and full trailer very soon. November isn’t too far away, after all.

Source: Facebook

UPDATE: Here’s the actual trailer now.



  1. The bloke on the floor in the first pic and the guy in the second pic looks like Altair to me?

    Interested in where this goes, I was kinda expecting an early 2015 release for the game, similar to how Ubisoft released AC Liberation HD then.

    • Would love to see Altair again but highly unlikely to be him unless he perfected time travel.

      • It certainly looks like him in the video, but it’s quite odd as to why he’d be there, unless there is maybe a link with the apple of eden or perhaps new Animus technology allowing memories to be linked.

        And then there’s also the question of why he would aim his gun at another Assassin, or perhaps this has something to do with the title ‘Rogue’.

  2. If they lean very heavily on the “more of the same” mantra of the older gen, I’m happy. I absolutely loved Black Flag.

  3. Oh, FFS!

    After it looked like they were about to fix everything that was wrong with 3 and 4 with Unity, they go and do this? What appears to be more of the same, but not even bothering with a PS4 version.

    And launch it at the same time as Unity?

    Yes, obviously I’m going to end up buying both. But one of them might just have to wait a few months. Oh well, it’ll be cheap then. (Obviously I’ll have to get Unity sooner, since there’s very little point waiting for PS4 games to drop in price yet, because it never seems to happen)

    • You are officially in the “can’t please anyone” camp. Two different games. One like the old one, one pushing into co-op territory and ignoring the open seas.

      I’m getting you extra thick rose-tinted spectacles and unplugging your internet! :-)

      • No, I’m pleased by what I’ve seen of Unity. And I’m sure I’d enjoy this rumoured PS3 game too (although probably not as much). I even enjoyed 3 and 4, despite all that naval battle nonsense. (And I was quite happy sailing around that lovely sea with those nice storms listening to sea shanties, until battles got in the way of a nice relaxing sail)

        But releasing 2 games at once? When a yearly game was pushing it a bit anyway? What are the chances of this getting a fancy PS4 version later on too?

        Still, they’ve found a very cunning way to deal with that shift from one generation of consoles to the next. Quickly knock up a last-gen game and sell that as well as the new one? Sneaky buggers.

  4. So just a black flag dlc? If it was EA this would be slaughtered.

    • Imagine how annoying it’d be if they’d released a nice big substantial bit of DLC only on the PS3? I’ve got the PS4 version of the game, so I’d have to buy the whole game again just to play all that extra content?

      It could be even worse, I guess. What if it was only available in a special new edition of the game? (Base game included as a special free bonus for just a few quid more than you’d expect to pay for DLC)

      I’ve just given them ideas, haven’t I?

  5. Looks interesting, pleased they are doing separate titles for the different gens.

  6. I wonder how many people will get both this and Unity, assuming Rogue has a different, older gameplay formula.

  7. AC Rogue HD about 6 months after Unity please! :-p

    • Yup, there’s no way I’m getting this even though it looks really good, it’s bound to get a HD release at some point.

  8. This is a brilliant way of coming up with a standalone story that is unlikely to affect the story as a whole. Just one guy who goes Assassin hunting, doesn’t need much setting up except some childhood anger or something. Great idea to keep those who haven’t updated to next-gen satisfied until they do.

    Looks cool too. I agree that that looks like Altair…

  9. I’m delighted, i know that you some people don’t like the sailing aspect of the game but I think it makes for an interesting expansion on the whole AC universe. Definetely a place for both games. All pre-orders placed. roll on November

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