Take-Two Earnings Call Reveals Crazy Sales Numbers For GTA V and Borderlands 2, Among Other Info

Just yesterday, Take-Two held their quarterly earnings call for the first quarter of their 2014 fiscal year, and a few interesting numbers surfaced. First and foremost, Take-Two actually lost $35.4 million during this quarter, which isn’t entirely surprising considering they didn’t launch any games. That number is actually down from the $61.9 million loss they forecasted, and although losses are never a good thing, they had a few impressive numbers to trot out as well.

For starters, it was revealed that Grand Theft Auto V has sold over 34 million copies so far, and that’s obviously prior to its launch on current-gen consoles and PC later this year.

Next up was the Borderlands franchise, which has achieved a total of 18 million copies shipped across all platforms, with 10 million of those coming just from Borderlands 2. That number is sure to grow this fall with the launch of Borderlands: The Pre-sequel on October 17th.

“We have a lot of faith in the Borderlands franchise,” Take-Two President, Karl Slatoff, noted during the earnings call. “There’s still a huge install base of consumers; Borderlands is beloved …. We have very high hopes for The Pre-Sequel for current-gen platforms and PC, indeed. But it will be reliant on quality, and we expect to deliver a really high-quality game.”

Finally, they noted that NBA 2K14 is the highest selling sports game they’ve ever made. Evolve being pushed to next calendar year is a bit of a bummer for gamers, but it shouldn’t hurt Take-Two’s yearly results, as it will still fall within their 2014 fiscal year.

Source: Joystiq, GameInformer, IGN


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