Get Your Scalpels Ready As Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition Comes To PS4 August 13th

Surgeon Simulator is one of those games that has managed to capture the attention of gamers all over the place, with its imprecise approach to various surgeries. It has released on PC as well as iPad and now Bossa Studios has confirmed that the game will be launching on Android devices on August 14th, and there will also be a PS4 version launching on the 12th in North America and the 13th in the UK & Europe.


The Anniversary Edition will have all the features present from both the Steam and portable versions, and there will also be a PS4 specific feature though Bossa are remaining quiet on what that is. The only hint is that this feature is something that has been in high demand. If you’re going to Gamescom then you’ll be able to play the game at Sony’s booth and try to do surgery with the DualShock 4.

There’s no price published but once we find it out we’ll let you know.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Please price this right. I’ll be all over it if it is.

    • Yeah, i’ll probably wait for a sale if the launch price is too much. It looks horrific yet hilarious but i think it’s probably a game i would only play a half dozen times.

  2. Is Move the highly requested feature?

    It seems an obvious inclusion to make.

    • Sounds strange to say this, but I think Move would actually be too precise. Half of the charm &/or difficulty of this game is the cack-handedness of the ‘surgeon’ (i.e. you) with the controls on offer.

      I think PS4’s gyros will be enough for that.

      • I know, but I also thought that for the iPad version, which is still delightfully, terribly hard even with touch controls.

        They’d manage it I think.

    • Add in the Move’s 1:1 control and they would have to re-market it as a proper training tool for surgeons ;)

  3. It looks like the type of fun i’d like to have for about 5 good minutes and thats it, it kind of reminds me of “Pain” which was fun but I didn’t play it very long because it got boring very fast

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