Battlefield 4 Will Be Getting Some Core Gameplay Updates In September

Battlefield 4 has had some problems with a rather mixed launch last year, and the various issues that plagued gamers across platforms in terms of updates affecting saves, or the multiplayer facing issues. Over that time DICE has been listening to the community about what it wants, and has been implementing patches based on the that feedback. Recently DICE has been running Community Test Environment games, where Premium members can demo upcoming updates and input what they think works and what doesn’t. As a result the following will be hitting Battlefield 4 in September.

Game Mode Improvements

General improvements and tweaks have been made to the following game modes: Rush, Obliteration, Obliteration Competitive, Capture the Flag and Carrier Assault.

Visual Recoil

Close and medium range optic reticules do not move with the gun any longer, however both bullet spread and bullet drop are still present.

Soldier Movement

Changes have been made to soldier movement so that it closely matches the one in Battlefield 3, but without compromising the visual fidelity. This change also makes it easier to get away from undesirable firefights.

Additionally, we’ve dampened third person hit reactions where the soldier previously moved his head around a lot when getting shot at.

HUD Triage

Focusing on clarity, and de-cluttering the HUD/UI to only show what is important – we have added several options and functionality to make your screen much less cluttered (and give you a lot of choice in making it the way you want).

Revive Mechanic Improvements

A special effort went into making revives easier to use, more robust and easier to understand. Additions include a “fully charged” paddle sound, UI indication on revive time and better networked ragdolls.

“Netcode” Improvements

Making ping differences, trade kills and kills behind cover less of an issue by lowering the time allowed to damage on the client side.

Automatic High Frequency Update setting enforced with the intent of release to all platforms, including Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Improvements to bullet damage times from client to client, “dusting” and de-syncs.

Vehicle Balance

Identifying and tweaking the top vehicles in need of buffs and nerfs.

Weapon Balance

We’ve focused on maintaining a consistent Time To Kill (how long an average engagement lasts for). With the changes to visual recoil, the third person hit reactions and improved “tickrates” has been sped up somewhat as we still need to balance this with damage and recoil changes.

Suppression systems has also been re-tuned and made clearer.

Source: Battlefield Blog



  1. Great to see them testing it and listening to the community.
    Wish all devs did this.

    • If they listened to their community they would FIX THE BLOODY SINGLE PLAYER SAVE BUG!!!

      • This is what is preventing me from buying the game.

  2. Yay! With the BF meets starting a while back, I’ve been playing a lot of BF again so any improvements are definitely welcomed.

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