EA Access Becomes Accessible Today For All Xbox One Owners

EA has announced that subscription service EA Access is going live today for Xbox One. The service, which costs £3.99/$4.99/€3.99 a month or for £19.99/$29.99/€19.99 for the year, will grant subscribers access to FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Battlefield 4, and Peggle 2. Titanfall will not be part of the service, at least for now. Subscribers will also be able to trial games like Madden NFL 15, FIFA 15, NHL 15 and Dragon Age: Inquisition five days before launch.

If after the trial you want to purchase the game then you can with saves still intact, with members also getting 10% off the game price. Downloadable content and additional packs for the games will receive the same discount. An Xbox Live Gold account is not required to subscribe, unless you want to access the multiplayer parts of the game.  PlayStation 4 owners are out of luck on this one as Sony decided against having the service on the console, due to believing it was not a good deal for gamers.

Source: EA



  1. Playstation already has PS+ no need for single studio subscription plans, which I are clearly inherently wrong.

    How many seperate subscription plans will you need to buy to match ps+ 5? 10?

  2. That five day early trial and 10% off on Dragon Age is tempting, maybe I’ll get it for a month when that’s coming. It shouldn’t have any affect on my game once the subscription ends right?

  3. Will probably subscribe to this at some point, probably when a few more games are added. Be interesting how often they add games to it given there aren’t a huge amount for EA to pick from.

  4. People who’ve had an XB1 for a while now probably won’t find much to tempt them yet but it’s a good deal for newcomers.

  5. It actually doesn’t seem that bad, I mean, the available games is on the low side, but once a few more titles are added to beef it up.. and then you’ve got your 5 days early access, on top of 10% discount on purchases.. £20 a year seems like a steal to me!

    Shame Sony passed it up, just handed Microsoft an exclusive.

    • The sane games will come to ps+ so no loss..

      • Has a Battlefield or Fifa ever gone on ps+?

      • Well, Battlefield maybe, but unlikely you’ll see sports titles come to PS Plus. But yeah, unless you’re a big EA fan who doesn’t buy their games within the first year, then this is for you!

    • If they add multiplatform support and widen the library then I wouldn’t have a problem. :)

      • Would be nice, but unlikely, but yeah, once the library increases (may be a while, new gen and all), then the value for money should be better.

  6. I think I’ll give it a try – I’ve been hankering after playing a Madden game, and haven’t played Battlefield 4 or Peggle 2. The early access to Madden, NHL and Dragon Age is good, but I’m more likely to pick them up on PS4 as that’s where most of my friends are.

  7. I think I’ll try just a month have a go on peggle and see how bad battlefield is on xbone. It has made my mind up what system I’m purchasing FIFA 15 on, it’s definitely on Ps4 and I’ll pick through this deal on xbone later on. It’s going to save me £30 I think as long FIFA comes out on it and not to late in the season.

  8. Sorry EA, but I really don’t trust you.

    It may seem like good value right now. But EA aren’t exactly known for providing great value and service to the customer.

    Time will tell, and I’d love to be wrong. But lepoards and spots and all that. Not to mention things about being bitten twice. And various examples of dishing out shame on a case by case basis.

    • lol there not asking for you life savings in a lump sum!

      as someone who has an Xbox one for literally 2 days, I’ll sign up for a month! why not? it’s £4 lol

      • Price is not the issue. EA has proven themselves time and again to be greedy liars.

        I stopped giving them the benefit of the doubt after deadspace 3. And we’ve had sim city, dungeon keeper and bf4 since then.

        Like I said. It seems like good value right now. But what if next month they fill it with games that are essentially broken? Or basically require £’s of microtransactions in order to be what I would consider reasonably playable?

        I would essentially have paid for the pleasure of choosing between a giant douche or a turd sandwich. Thats what.

        So again. No thanks EA.

      • The games don’t get removed so you are safe there. Go on mate, risk it!

      • Yeah, I know they don’t get removed. But I’d have to continue to pay to be able to play.

        The net result would be that EA would get cash for putting out dross that I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. So what incentive is there for EA to actually make an effort if they know they’ll get paid regardless?

        If EA want more of my money, they can make a quality product and sell it for a reasonable price. Any arrangement that requires me to place even a small amount of trust in EA just isn’t going to work.

      • The incentive for EA is they want you to stay subscribed and renew when its up. But it sounds like they could put their entire back catalog on and you wouldn’t sub still. I’m not EA biggest fan but I think its a decent offer.

      • You’re probably right. But that’s because I already own all the games from the EA catalogue that I’m likely to buy.

        But honestly, it doesn’t matter which publisher is at the helm. I’m very wary of any attempt to switch gaming from a product based business model to a service based one.

        If its product based, I know what I’m getting for the price. If its service based, there might be one game I want. But I’d have to keep paying to be able to play, while everything else they offer isn’t even worth £5 in the pre-owned section. And how long do you think it will be before we see a game that is “exclusive to our proprietary service”?

        I’m not getting involved.

  9. I think this might be worth considering if it wasn’t tied to one publisher. It’s like having Sony Pictures streaming service, warner bros streaming service etc for £4, or Netflix (I.e. PS+). I’d rather have a range of games from different publishers/ developers than tied to a single one.

    • Also I’m doubtful that 10% off will mean anything considering the extortionate pricing of digital games on consoles at the moment.

      • Yeah, there’s the rub – It’ll be 10% off full RRP & probably won’t count for sale items (or some other caveat in the miniscule T&C’s). Whilst preowned copies are being sold for pennies probably.

  10. I am interested in trying this out, especially as I generally dont buy that much Xbox One games and want to try out Battlefield.
    However I was a bit disappointed upon finding out you can only subscribe with a credit card.

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