Eat The Humans & Grow Stronger In The Hungry Horde For PS Vita

Nosebleed Interactive has announced its first title for the Vita and it comes in the form of The Hungry Horde, a zombie game with a twist. In this game instead of hunting down and destroying the undead, you actually control a horde of them as they tear through the streets to recruit humans to their cause. This is done by biting them and turning them to zombies, so it’s a rather aggressive recruitment policy.


The goal is to get as many zombies as possible to breakdown the defences of the humans before the area you occupy is fully quarantined and nuked. While this is the main objective of the game there are also various mini games to play like Conga Zombie, which looks like a version of the old Snake game. Another mini game has a zombie playing an arcade game where he is a soldier killing zombies. There will also be customisation options for the horde, and for the collectors a challenge to collect all the different zombie types.

The Hungry Horde is set for release later this year.

Source: PS Blog



  1. I hope this has a trial as I want to like it but feel this would need a play first. Also is that a Sony published Vita game… shock horror!

  2. Not sure about it yet but the zombie roleplaying as a soldier killing zombies mini-game shows that their funnybone is in the right place so i’ll wait for the review punchline.

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