Take A Trip To Arklay As Resident Evil Inspired TV Show Confirmed

The Resident Evil series has a number of games and movies associated with it, and now it looks like television will be the next frontier to conquer as Mance Media have confirmed Arklay for 2015. The basic concept follows Detective James Reinhardt, a new character to the franchise, who must solve a series of strange murders within Raccoon City. This is all before the mass outbreak of the virus, but James discovers he is infected so must solve the crimes before it takes hold of him.

Arklay has been categorised as a horror drama, and will probably be a bit like American Horror Story in terms of tone. While most of the action will take place in Raccoon City the title Arklay points to James going to the mountains, as this is the location of Arklay Mansion where Umbrella Corporation built the transport link to the hive. The mansion also goes by the name the Spencer Estate. There’s no confirmed cast or trailer for the show, except pitch footage which has spliced scenes from other shows to portray the atmosphere. That can be viewed below but beware that it is rather not safe for work.


Depending on how this goes Arklay could actually be a very interesting show, but we’ll have to wait for some actual footage before really passing judgement.

Source: Mance Media


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