Destiny Is The Most Pre-Ordered New IP In History

According to Gamestop Destiny has become the most pre-ordered new IP in history, with the PlayStation 4 leading the charge. It was also revealed that over 4.6 million gamers experienced the recent Destiny beta, which we all enjoyed here at TSA.

Destiny, set to release early September, also received a new multiplayer trailer to give us a taste of what to expect from the competitive Crucible online matches.



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  2. I just can’t get excited about this for some reason. Sounds like I’m the only one lol.

    • Shhhhh! Between you and me, I thought it was a bit pants to be fair. Don’t think I’ll be getting this any time soon..

  3. I’ve been following this, off/on as you do, it’s either OMG the best thing, EVER! or..over hyped tosh and Beta players list huge reasons why…judging by responses so far.

    Does nowt for me personally and i’ve loved what Bungie have done on Xbox and 360 and thus was really looking forward to their 1st, Non-Halo game in years.Sadly for me, this just was’nt what i seemed to be expecting.

    Not really sure of the ‘wisdom’ of putting game out on so many platforms as well…hear me out…LOL

    Won’t it be splitting resources if you’ve people working on PS3, 360, PC, Xbox One and PS4 versions? that’s a hellva lot of ground to cover, plus whilst PS4/PC etc versions look ‘nicer’ they don’t seem OMG ditch your existing consoles (PS3/360) owners! nicer, so what could of been a ‘flagship’ new I.P only made possible by power of newer hardware (which seemed to be why so many people wanted NEXT GEN NOW (god damnit)!!! it’s a bit John and Norma Major….

    Nice peas dear…yes, lovely, 1080P etc.

    I’ve no desire to buy on PS3 where i could play online for free ( i could, right?) let alone buy brand new console, just for sharper visuals, nicer effects etc, but stump up a subscription fee to play online.

    Think this is what’s putting me off upgrading at present-I don’t need a new machine to play:Titan Fall,Destiny etc, long as i’m not overly fussed about the graphical bells n whistles.

    Should’nt new I.P’s be delivering new experiences?.

  4. The only thing this shows is that the marketing for this game has worked really well. It has nothing to do with how good the game is going to be. Personally, while I enjoyed the beta, I cancelled my pre-order (I wonder if they still counted it).

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