Frontier Bringing ScreamRide Exclusively To Xbox Platforms

Frontier Developments aren’t content with just making the amazing Elite Dangerous. They’re also making a kind of dystopian nightmare future version of Rollercoaster Tycoon. Kind of.

ScreamRide, just announced on stage at Gamescom, is coming exclusively to Xbox 360 and One in Spring 2015. It looks like a futuristic rollercoaster builder but there’s a twist. You get to play with physics and kill everyone riding your coasters.


There’s not a lot of information available just yet but it looked very exciting when we thought it was a remake of RC Tycoon but then everyone started screaming and crashing and dying and it was a little bit terrifying.

That seems to be the metric they use to decide if you’re doing well in the game – how terrified you can make your ride’s passengers. It’s a twist to the old format, and hopefully it’ll be as fun as it looks.