ScreamRide Demo Releases On Xbox One & Xbox 360 From Midnight

Microsoft has announced that a ScreamRide demo will be released from midnight tonight for Xbox One & Xbox 360, and will allow players to experience three different scenarios from the full game. First is ScreamRider in which you have to steer a rollecoaster through a maze, and this will test your reactions.


Secondly is the Engineer role where you can construct a rollercoaster to generate the best response from riders. Finally there is the Demolition Expert and in this you have to throw pods to make the riders scream, and cause as much damage as possible. ScreamRide itself is set to release March 6th in Europe, and on the 3rd in North America.

Source: Xbox Newswire



  1. Seems like the sort of game I could have some fun with. Certainly doesn’t look like its worth over a tenner but I’m happy to wait :)

  2. with a game mode that has demolition in the name, how could it go wrong? ^_^

  3. Doesn’t appeal so far but a demo shows confidence in the product, will give it a ride!

  4. Does not sounds very exciting to me at all. Think ill pass.

  5. Wasn’t interested in the before but the demo love old pretty fun actually. Not sure some of those rides would pass a health & safety inspection!

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