Halo 5 Beta Coming December 29th, Halo Channel On Xbox One And Windows

Bonnie Ross has taken the stage at Gamescom to announce a few new Halo titbits. It’s not just about The Master Chief Collection, although that’s exciting enough. They announced that Halo Nightfall – the Ridley Scott produced television series – will come with the Collection. They also mentioned that the Halo 5 Guardians beta will launch on December 29th and run for three weeks.

That cuts it fine but gets the “Halo 5 this year” promise to fruition, which will please many of us. It’ll have seven maps and three modes during the beta and it runs at 60 frames per second on dedicated servers.

Also announced is the new Halo Channel – a brand new interactive “digital channel” for Xbox One and Windows which looks like a modernised version of the Waypoint app. It houses all of your Halo-related information and stats as well as allowing launching of any of the Halo games directly from within the app.

Finally, they announced Sanctuary, the fourth multiplayer map for Halo 2 Anniversary so far, and they also promised that the ranking system would be identical to that found in Halo 2.

Update: We’ve added the video for the Sanctuary Halo 2 Anniversary map reveal, the Halo 5: Guardians beta trailer, and the Halo channel premiere.

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  1. Can’t wait for the collection, such value, such promise.

    I wonder if they’ve made any graphical changes to Combat Evolved Anniversary, 3 and 4 other than resolution? 60FPS will be pretty cool.

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