Hellblade, New Game From Ninja Theory Announced At Gamescom

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything out of Ninja Theory, but it seems they were just biding their time for this year’s Gamescom, as they took that time to show off their newest project, Hellblade.


The trailer focuses mostly on a what appears to be a female warrior, complete with a shiny blade and warpaint. The video gets a little darker as it progresses, and ends with some sort of darkness surrounding the warrior. Tough to tell exactly what this is but Ninja Theory is certainly a developer capable of delivering high quality content. Check out the trailer above, the first image below, and then head over to the game’s website to see more.




  1. Looks like a sequel to heavenly sword to me, which would be great!
    The two girls look like Nariko and Kai from the first game, only darker. Which would fit with the title… Hellblade? Sounds like some kind of corrupted heavenly sword, doesnt it?

    • A sequel to Heavenly Sword would be very welcome.

    • Yeah, I was thinking Kai as an adult.. I’ve got a lot of time for Ninja Theory, so very interested in this.

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