New Quantum Break Gameplay Shown At Gamescom

Quantum Break is a game just about every Xbox fan was looking forward to heading into Gamescom, and Microsoft delivered on their promise of new footage. They showed a lengthy gameplay segment that saw the main character combat enemies while also navigating pockets of time travel, some of which the player has no control over. The combat included both gunplay and melee moves, all navigated with third-person movement and a cover system.

We’re still not certain when Quantum Break will be making its way to Xbox One, but we’re sure to hear more about it as Gamescom moves forward.



  1. I’m really liking the time bubbles. Using them to freeze and take out enemies seems very cool.

  2. This looks great. Bit like Infamous but with guns. Always liked the look of this since they announced it. Will definitely check out a playthrough on YouTube once it’s out.

  3. Yeah, looks good. Standard Remedy cover shooter (which is always solid), with a time manipulation twist.

    I’ll get the inevitable PC version no doubt, during a Steam Sale..

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