Watch Sony’s Gamescom Conference Live Here

While Microsoft may have underwhelmed this morning, despite the rather large announcement that the next Tomb Raider game would be coming exclusively to Xbox, Sony are about to take to the stage to show what they’ve got.

We should expect SCEE to do a good job – they usually save a decent amount from E3 for the European market to be revealed at Gamescom, and it’s just about time for an update on Project morpheus – the PS4’s upcoming VR helmet, and we ought to hear about PlayStation Now in Europe soon. They’ve already got Journey and The Unfinished Swan PS4 announcements out of the way, anyway.


So, tune in from 6pm with the stream below and get ready for the fun.



  1. Project morpheus out for Christmas! I wish.

  2. I.Am.Watching.

  3. Great games-centred presentation. I’m really excited about Alienation and Tearaway Unfolded…!

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