EA Announce New Online Action-RPG Shadow Realms

EA have taken to the Gamescom stage to announce a brand new IP called Shadow Realms, an online action RPG coming from the incredible Bioware Austin.

Shadow Realms is a dynamic 4 versus 1 co-operative game, where you can team up with three other heroes in fast paced tactical combat against the Shadowlord, who is capable of setting traps and even changing the world around you. You can of course choose to fight against him, or indeed align with him if a darker path is more your cup of tea.

Inspired by pen and paper RPG’s creativity, the game seemingly allows you to author an ever changing adventure, though whether that’s marketing talk for “you’re playing the game” waits to be seen. Set in a modern fantasy world, the game has characters wearing every-day clothes whilst holding swords and crossbows or sporting glowing fists. EA claim that no two trips to the game world will ever play out the same, with episodic storytelling aiming to be digested in the same way you’d enjoy a hit TV show. These episodes will apparently end with cliff-hangers, drawing you into each new release.

If your interest is piqued you can sign up now for the closed Alpha which hits next month.

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  1. Knowing EA they will have lots of DLC which means pay to win.

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