Share Play Sessions Are Limited To 60 Minutes

I wrote about how Share Play could be a brilliant feature for PS4, as you’d return to those long pass-the-pad sessions though could now do it over the internet, with Sony’s new feature allowing you to play any game with a DualShock 4 with a friend over the internet.

It seems we’ve encountered a problem, however, as Sony have revealed that you’ll only be able to play for an hour in each session.


Whether that means that you can simply leave the session and start a new one straight after, continuing from where you left off, is yet unanswered. That might be a solution, but it’s still quite annoying. There’s no word on why this has been implemented either – it seems very odd to me.

Share Play will arrive with PS4 Firmware 2.00 later this year.

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  1. i am assuming this will work the same way remote play for vita would work. the image is streamed to another screen and the game is running on the original ps4. Therefore you could possibly let someone who doesn’t have the game have access to it and never need to buy it.

    Example, I’m off on holiday for the weekend so Jimmy can just stream the games on my ps4 instead of buying for himself?

    Perhaps this was their thinking?

    • No because you need to start the session every hour. Someone on the local machine (the one that is shared) will need to do that, and as you are on holiday, Jimmy gets no games.

      Which is good, tell him to go buy his own games, the lazing fucking scrounger.

      • I think that’s what he’s saying – the 60 min limit is to prevent abuse like he’s exemplified…

  2. @ double-o-dave

    *searches for sound*

  3. “There’s no word on why this has been implemented either – it seems very odd to me.”

    Really? Quite clearly its a commercial restriction (rather than a technical one) put in place by the game publishers. If everyone could timeshare a full game without buying it, that’s going to affect game sales.

    If you don’t understand this, and it seems “odd” then perhaps game journalism is perhaps the wrong career.

    • Is your sole purpose on this planet to respond to posts in an antagonistic way? I don’t post often but I’m a long time user of this site as it is usually good banter with articles written in a light hearted but factual way. In addition the majority of users are gamers that seem to understand and embrace this.

      I have read 2 off your posts today and both just seem intent on trying to inject venom. If you don’t like what this site and the authors write then do one thing – FUCK OFF

  4. Would they really lose any sales if it didn’t have the time limit? Surely nobody would expect a friend to share and let them play a game completely while they sit there watching?

    • My cousin in Australia could play Whilst I sleep, and I play his games whilst he sleeps…

      • Maybe so but that’s certainly not a common situation that I think others would exploit. I’d tell the cousin to get his own copy and not waste my electric!

  5. It does sound like a great feature. Does anyone know if this is just a pass the controller for main account while they watch or whether I’d be able to play for example towerfall (as it only has local play) with a friend in the US?

  6. An hour seems ok to me. Probably wouldn’t use it myself.

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