Bungie Shows Some Glimpses Of The Destroyed Society On Destiny’s Venus

Bungie has released a new trailer for Destiny, which itself is just three weeks away, and this one gives us a glimpse of Venus. If you had access to the beta and played some Crucible matches then you will already have had some exposure to the match, as the Shores Of Time map is set in the Maat Mons area of Venus. The actual atmosphere then had a yellowish tinge do it, no doubt due to the amount of sulphur dioxide present in the air.


The trailer shows some buildings and locations that players will be able to explore, as well as the enemies that will be looking to take out any Guardians they see. In the Destiny lore Venus became habitable after the Traveler arrived and ushered in humanity’s Golden Age. The description of the video states that the planet was a place where a great discovery was made, and I guess part of the game will be to find it again.

Source: Youtube