Sony Hosting Pre-TGS Press Conference On September 1st

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia is to host a press conference on September 1st, just weeks before this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The event will be live-streamed via the PlayStation Japan website at 15:00 JST which is 7AM BST here in the UK.

Sony has yet to confirm what they will show during the media briefing. Our guess is that they will revisit upcoming games previously announced at E3 and Gamescom before moving on to PlayStation titles being developed in the region. Hopefully, this means we’ll see more of Deep Down -Capcom’s online RPG- as well as Kingdom Hearts, more Final Fantasy and, perhaps, a new Monster Hunter for the Vita.

Source: Siliconera



  1. Obligatory expectation of The Last Guardian.

  2. I’m hoping we’ll hear more about Gravity Rush 2, the Vita is in desperate need of another great game like the first.

  3. Morpheus release date?

  4. The fact that we keep hearing games have morpheus support is extremely annoying when it hasn’t been confirmed for release yet. They should tell us a vague release date such as holiday 2015 ;)

    • I reckon it will be sooner rather than later. That’s partly because I’m an impatient optimist, but mainly because Sony need to assess the market for VR before they make their plans for next-gen.
      Morpheus is an experiment which will tell them whether PS5 is a powerful VR machine or a micro-console streaming PS Now.

      • I agree that the PS5 would need to be powerful if its for VR but if streaming becomes the norm then what’s wrong with streaming PS5 games to the soon to be available PlaystationTV ?

        Also if that was the case for future games, there would be no limit to processing power !!

      • Fair point. I think PSTV is another experiment; using the Vita chipset must have saved a lot on R&D, they can release it and assess whether streaming takes off without huge investment.
        If game streaming does replace traditional consoles next gen I would want a PSTV2 with full 1080p and surround sound, otherwise I can’t see any improvement over the current gen.

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