Minecraft On PS4 May Be Delayed Due To Failed Certification Testing

Minecraft was slated to launch on PlayStation 4, Vita, and the Xbox One this month, but it’s looking like one of those versions will be delayed due to a bit of final testing that didn’t go so well. It’s the PS4 version in jeopardy as 4J Studios – the developers behind the console versions of the game – recently took to Twitter to explain what was going on.

They don’t actually say it in the tweet above but we’re left to assume that it probably won’t make its release before the end of August. As for the Xbox One and Vita versions of the game, 4J say they’re still squashing bugs but didn’t offer any update over whether they might be delayed too.


The good news is that if you’re just dying to play more Minecraft, it’s already out on many other platforms, including iOS and Android.

Source: IGN



  1. Good to see sony enforcing good QA. Nothing worse thst crap being allowed out the door.

    • Tongue in cheek sarcasm I suspect, judging by some of the half baked titles released from their cages over the past year or so with day 1-3-7……patches lol.
      Have to emphathise though considering the pressures of modern commerce and the usual piss-poor publicity surrounding tardy releases!

  2. Simply games has it listed for release on 26th September which is only 36 days away.

    I think I can hold out for a little longer. Its also good to see sony enforcing bug fixes before release.

  3. Jeopardy – (noun) danger of loss, harm, or failure.

    Wow! That bad? I thought it was just going to be delayed. :-P

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