The Crew Will Be Locked At 30FPS On PS4 & Xbox One, PC Players Can Have 60FPS

Ubisoft has confirmed that its upcoming racer The Crew will be locked at 30fps on the PS4 and Xbox One, while PC players will have the option to toggle between 30fps or 60fps. The news comes from a thread on the Ubisoft forums when it was discovered that originally the PC version would also have had the lock in place, sparking an outcry from PC gamers. The original statement is below.

The final game will run in 1080p with 30 frames per second on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and will support up to 5760*1080p on PC for triple screen set-ups. Right now the team is focusing on providing an optimal experience for all players. You can unlock it in the file you’ve found, but it may affect the game’s performances. Your call.

After the backlash with many forum goers expressing they would cancel their PC pre-orders due to the lock Ubisoft has since reversed that decision with the latest update reading.


Latest official update: we will offer the option to play with either 60 frames per second or 30 frames per second on PC at launch.

Console players will not be able to choose between the two as otherwise the The Crew won’t run at its optimal level, at least according to Ubisoft.

Source: Ubisoft Forums



  1. Such a shame. This could have been this generations Burnout Paradise.

    It’s silly that this, Forza Horizon 2 and DriveClub are all 30FPS on the new and powerful systems.

    It’s a balancing act, and as of now, most are doing it wrong in my opinion. At least for racers.

  2. PC for me then.

  3. Project cars is 1080p 60fps on PS4. Not Xbox One though.

  4. I remember pointing out Forza 5 is 1080p & 60fps to my former nemesis Hunter Gatherer and he told me racing games were easy to achieve 69fps on. If only he were around now!

    • 69fps?! Meant 60 of course!

      I expect HG would say MS have paid Ubi to lower it on PS4.

    • Maybe he’s gone off to gather some hunters.

      • I think he’s gone patriotic these days (hint hint!)

  5. The clear suggestion is (without breaking any console platform parity confidentially clauses) I’d that go thank Microsoft’s last gen hardware cheapskating for the ps4 downgrade.

    Anyone that knows the details, knows there is another 10 months of this crap to put up with.

    I just hope studios club together and break it en-masse. Safety in numbers from Microsoft’s armies of lawyers.

    • Do you have proof?

      • Well he knows a guy who’s sisters boyfriend works with someone who overheard a conversation in a shop. Or something like that.

      • Like im gonna get fired just to prove im right on the internet. I have seen the legalspeak in it, as have many. Nobody an talk about it, thats all you can really say before you get the lawyers on your back.

        Its a disgusting situation, but it was all wrapped up, signed sealed and delivered long before the xbox one hardware and sales disasters were even remotely visible.

        All i will say is if any studio still wants their 360 ganes published, then signing was the only option. True gun to the head stuff. Microsoft knew their uphill battle long before launch and this was a key strategic move to counter it.

      • If I’m reading your implications correctly, you’re saying publishers/developers were told by Microsoft that if they wanted their game to come out on 360, they had to ensure the Xbox One version had parity with the PS4.

        If that’s true, explain Assassin’s Creed 4 which was release on PS3/360/XBO/PS4 yet ran at 900p on XBO and 1080p on PS4 (both at 30fps, though PS4 was more stable).

        Unless you’re saying the clause is related solely to frame rate?

        In which case, explain Sniper Elite III which again launched on PS3/360/XBO/PS4, but runs 1080p/30fps on XBO, yet 1080p/60fps on PS4.

        Murdered Soul Suspect is another one exactly the same, 1080/30 and 1080/60.

        I’m all for conspiracy theories, but perhaps it’s not all studios huh? Ubisoft make The Crew, and Assassins Creed – so we can see resolution has already been out of parity with that publisher.

      • Sorry but sounds like total bs to me. And well done on proving how you’re not obsessed with xbox still.

      • Good points Jesse, looks like ol’ Blighty’s conspiracy theory just got exposed as exactly that. I’d add that they knew the xbone sales were well behind just on preorders well before they were released.

  6. Yuk

  7. Racing games running at 30fps! After being use to 60fps on PS3 Gran Turismo 3, the jury is still out on this one. I’m not sure eye candy should win out over reaction time in a racing racing. We’ll just have to see how it plays.

    • To be honest, The Crew isn’t much of a hardcore racer where it comes down to milliseconds and corners timed like a Grand Prix race. I think it’ll be fine (ignoring any other problems it might have).

  8. That’s fine with me. I rather the game looks next gen than 60fps. As long as the fun aspect is there I’m goood. I think that’s how open world games will be.

  9. Let’s all kick off and threaten to cancel our pre-orders so they change their minds about the PS4 version.

    I’ll need to pre-order it first but a few days later I’ll get my revenge and cancel it. Mwhahahaa. That’ll teach ’em ;)

  10. Having played the beta for about half an hour the other night, I’m not too concerned about the frame rate. The handling model is a much bigger problem. It’s just awful. I came away really unimpressed and will be giving this a wide berth.

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