Escape Dead Island To Release On 21st November And Bundles Dead Island 2 Beta Access

Escape Dead Island is very different to the main Dead Island series. Rather than wading through wave after wave of zombie in ridiculous and over the top action, it’s a much slower paced and stealth oriented experience. There’s also a totally different visual style and as Cliff Calo tries to investigate the outbreak in the Banoi archipelago it starts to become clear that he’s losing his mind, which could have you doubting and questioning everything you see on screen.

We’ll be posting my preview from Gamescom soon, but in the mean time, Deep Silver have announced a release date of 18th November in the USA and 21st November in the rest of the world. The game is coming to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC only.

The kicker to this announcement is that if you buy Escape Dead Island through a pre-order, you will, and I quote, “also be given guaranteed access to the Dead Island 2 beta.” This naturally implies that you’ll be able to sneak into the Dead Island 2 beta without pre-ordering Escape Dead Island, but it’s there as a little extra to tempt people. Of course, whereas Escape is only on the last generation of console, Dead Island 2 is only on the new generation, so there’s not quite the overlap to make beta access exclusive to buyers of Escape.

Source: press release