Experience Some Romance In PS4 & Vita Exclusive Alone With You

Benjamin Rivers has announced a new game coming exclusively to PS4 & Vita, with that being an adventure title called Alone With You. The story follows the sole survivor of a terraforming expedition gone wrong and the AI that was helping the human team to achieve their goals. Due to some errors the planet will implode within a month, and the only escape pod is malfunctioning. Working together both survivor and AI must work together, with the dead co-workers being recreated for answers.


However the recreated AI spirits of the dead have more than just fixing the escape pod on their minds, and as time passes choices must be made in the relationships with them. Some of these options could lead to romance springing up, and that in turn will decide the fate of the story. You’ll have to wait a little while to get your hands on Alone With You as it won’t be available until some point in 2015.

Source: PS Blog


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  1. Let’s hope its as good as Morpheus…can’t wait!

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