GTA Online Will No Longer Work On 12GB PS3 Systems Due To Update Size

Well, it had to happen some time. The updates for GTA Online, which have been continuously coming from Rockstar since release, have now got so big that the game will be unplayable on 12GB PS3 systems.

Update 1.16, which released last week, was the last update possible for the storage size, and any future updates – which you’ll need in order to play multiplayer, as you can’t access online features without updating – will push it beyond the 12GB limit.


If you’re affected by this, you can of course upgrade your hard drive, as all PS3 drives are interchangeable. You can buy a hard drive from Amazon (just make sure it’s a 2.5 inch SATA) and we’ve got an age-old guide (from 2008!) here.

If you don’t feel like updating, then you’ll still be able to play story mode at least. Now how about those Heists?

Source: Rockstar



  1. I didn’t even realise they made them this low. Turns out there’s a 4GB 360 ???

    • Yeah think it’s the latest revision with the corrugated sheeting affect on disc opening,I do know it’s a 12GB solid state drive though.

  2. “Now how about those Heists?”


    The games’ multiplayer is a bit boring, it’s a jack-of-all-trades multiplayer. If I wanted to play a 3rd Person shooter, I’d play TLOU. If I wanted to play a racing game I’d play GT or Burnout. Admittedly it does have plane and parachute racers etc but where GTA’s online would be best, in my opinion, is the co-op (as with RDR) due to it’s huge sandbox. So that fact the online/co-op heists are still missing, and were promised before launch, is pretty bad!

    • I guess heists are kind of covered also by Payday 2,
      which was free in a recent last PS+ update.
      I play this during the trial & would be up for a game if anybody else is?

      • But aye, completely agree.

      • Very true. Although I don’t imagine Payday would allow for some epic chases across land/sea/air like GTA? ;)

        I should really try Payday 2 though!

    • There’s rumours that the PS4, One and PC versions could be delayed until 2015, so I could guess they’re putting a lot of effort into trying to get them out before Christmas, hence the Heists are being pushed back.

      • That’s even worse then to be honest, as you’d expect the people who bought their game nearly a year ago to get what they were promised. Surely it makes sense to get them out on PS3, then release the PS4/One/PC versions complete – with all the updates/DLC/Heists.

  3. Never saw the point in releasing ps3 with such a small hdd. Especially how cheap it is to get more. I could understand if Sony benefitted from sales of larger hdd’s.

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