Nintendo Reveals Two 3DS Redesigns With Better CPU And More Buttons

Nintendo has announced two new 3DS designs, with the standard 3DS and 3DS XL both getting a makeover. They’re quite confusingly going to just be called New 3DS and New 3DS XL, but these come with a plethora of features and upgrades, including more power, a better screen, and more buttons.

The new CPU which is included in the systems will be required for some games going forward, such as the Xenoblade Chronicles 3DS port. Think of it as similar to the N64 Expansion Pak, only you have to buy a whole new console. It’ll also allow you to load some software such as the eShop and Miiverse faster, with the internet browser now supporting HTML5.


In terms of the screen, the upgrade to that will allow you to view 3D from a wider range of angles thanks to use of the camera for head-tracking, while the sytem also incorporates button controls that we’ve previously seen with the Circle Pad Pro accessory, including a smaller C-stick just above the face buttons and two extra triggers on the rear. Both models will remain around the same size as their existing counterparts.

It will also feature a micro USB card slot under a removable bottom plate, as well as NFC-reading technology for those Amiibo figurines which will release later this year. Overall, it looks like a pretty essential upgrade for the handheld hardcore.

You can expect to see this release in Japan on October 11th, but it won’t reach Europe until next year. Catch the trailer at 14:27 in the below Nintendo Direct broadcast.

Source: Nintendo Direct, via Eurogamer



  1. Nintendo needs to fire whoever is naming their consoles.

  2. I’ve yet to get a 3DS myself but this could by the tipping point, especially if the price really is around the £100 mark.

    Dreadful name but really rating the second stick and extra buttons. It’s no surprise they are touting Monster Hunter 4 again.

  3. I gave in and bought one in February, typical.

    Nothing like a split userbase though, but I’d kill for xenoblade on my 3ds!

  4. The second analogue stick (love the C-Button throwback to the N64 controller!) looks like it’ll need a decent hands on before I commit. If it’s well calibrated then it could be a work of genius.

    Colour me intrigued.

  5. Dear Nintendo,

    I have currently bought 3 3DS’s to date. Now you’re making a new one – that some games will solely work on?! Yet it’s not a completely new console?

    I think we need to have a chat.

  6. Wider 3D range: good
    Micro SD support: good
    NFC: good
    Bigger screen: good
    Better battery life: good
    Faster browsing: good
    Additional inputs: unnecessary
    Exclusive games: WTF?

    Nintendo could have made many of these improvements without splitting the userbase.

  7. Whith the extra buttons and better screen, this would be a good time for the 3DS to take the PS Vita route.

  8. Every Nintendo handheld needs to have further iterations to correct inherent flaws. They rival Apple in getting consumers to fork out again and again for the same product.

  9. Isn’t this basically another console? I’ve a feeling this might end up turning bad for Nintendo, people buying games for their 3DS and it only being compatible with the New 3DS(?!?!?)
    Whatever, anyway. I’ll wait for this to hit and for the current 3DS models to drop in price where I can get a used one for £50.

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