Watch Us Drive Coast To Coast In The Crew

The Crew has been going through its second closed PC beta this past week and I’ve been messing around in its world for a little while. Naturally, one of the first goals I had was to do a coast to coast trek, record it, speed it up so you’re not watching around 75 minutes of driving, and stick my drive from New York to Los Angeles by way of Las Vegas and San Francisco up on the internet.

Of course, take into account that this is a pre-release beta build with graphics set to “High”. We’ll have to wait until late September to see how the game looks on console.



  1. Quick question, and one that I think is the most important; is it fun? I loved exploring Hawaii and Ibiza in TDU2, so I’m kinda hoping The Crew is similar. If you could do it as a convoy with friends, I definitely think that would make it even better (similar to a thing we did in Red Dead for a trophy).

    The scenery looks quite good, I can see myself having loads of crashes like you when I’m distracted!

    • You can definitely buddy up with friends for pretty much everything and, though I /might/ get to a proper preview over the weekend, I think that’s going to be the key thing for the game. I’ve yet to really see it branching out or getting too tricky, as I was very much in the prologue part of the game, and I’m not too sure of the handling yet either. The plot and story is just amusingly bad.

      On top of that, just doing a drive from one side of the country to the other, while interesting, isn’t really the most fun thing to do. It’s equivalent to driving to a shopping centre, just that in this virtual world you basically drive down the middle of two lanes 90% of the time. ;)

      In other words, I don’t really know yet.

      • “isn’t really the most fun thing to do” – Yeah, it comes across in that video as really dull. I’ll need to see the actual challenges and core game to make a better informed judgement.

      • The nice thing is that it didn’t really feel all that long when I was doing it. In fact, I got to Las Vegas and San Francisco, and I was thinking “Oh, I’m here already? How long have I been going?”

        I’ve recorded some other stuff, and might try capture a little more before the beta ends for another video that shows missions, challenges, etc.

      • Hmm, hopefully I’ll have a PS4 by the time the beta is released on that and I’ll be able to give it ago myself.

  2. The fast forwarding even reminded me of Fast and Furious when they used nitro and it looked ridik bo,that was the only Fast and Furious i ever saw from there on out,this looks like my kind of racer though and recon ill be picking it up.

  3. 11 minutes to drive coast to coast including pauses and crashes. Not exactly massive then. Next gen games with last gen bullshipnipples. :E

    • Most of the video was at 8x speed. The actual drive across the country was about 75 minutes.

      • It even says so in the text on the article!

        Reading not a requirement these days it would seem.

      • @Forrest_01 – To be far, I expanded upon that point after seeing this to avoid confusion, but it did previously say I sped up the video, and it’s pretty clear when watching too.

      • Can it be set up so you need to refuel, change tyres etc.

      • Ahhh oops. Was flicking through the article while bog – dodging at work. 75 mins is.. Somewhat… Better :)

    • Is that a typo or is “bullshipnipples” a word?

  4. Can’t wait for this one!

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