Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round Will Be Making Its Way To PS4 & Xbox One

Team Ninja has revealed the latest title that will be getting a bit of a remaster for the new generation, with Dead Or Alive 5 getting released in a Last Round package for Xbox One & PS4. The news came from the Dead Or Alive 5 Fighting Carnival which took place this weekend in Tokyo. There isn’t much information currently available about what this re-release will bring to the new generation, though it will be out at some point during Spring in Japan.


There was only a small teaser shown that gives us a look at the characters, but no gameplay has been shown. It is likely we’ll see this version release in the West too though when that will be remains to be seen.

Source: Attack Of The Fanboy



  1. Can’t wait!!
    Set age to 99 and watch those digy boobies bounce!!
    No? Just me then?

  2. Hopefully this is a complete edition with the hundreds of extra dlc’s included.

  3. It was also confirmed for a PS3/360 release on the Team Spooky livestream.

  4. Finally Motalla has a reason to get a PS4! :D

    • Not if it is confirmed for PS3 and he’s probably spent the price of a PS4 in dlc for it :D

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