Earth Defense Force Will Fight The Shadow Of New Despair On PS4

A new chapter in the war against giant insects was revealed during Sony’s conference earlier today, titled Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow Of New Despair. The trailer shows a lot of what appear to be pictures drawn in crayon by children who are recounting the bug attacks on their homes. It also shows a couple looks of the gameplay which has soldiers facing off against the invading insects.


Though this was shown at a PlayStation event it wouldn’t be too much of a shock to hear that this new EDF title will make its way to Xbox One. After all there were Earth Defense Force games available on the Xbox 360.

Source: D3 



  1. More bemusing for me is one of the links which follows the EDF 4.1 embedded trailer for something called ‘Gyakuten'(I think that how it’s spelt). I’ve never ventured in to this type of animation before so it’s a little unusual for me.

  2. this better look like a crappy ps2 game and have a dodgy framerate or no sale

  3. Why can’t we just see real, proper in game footage and gameplay in a trailer?

    • They’ve got to give it that 6th gen shine that Jones81 requires in his EDF games ;)

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