Team17’s Flockers Wool Land On 19th September For PS4, XBO & PC

The last year has seen Team17 striving to broaden their horizons, kicking off a digital publishing project that has partnered with a number of indie developers, as well as creating a new IP of their own in the form of Flockers. With a number of them appearing on Early Access and set for PC releases from the off, the most recent developments on this front have all centred around bringing these games to console. The Escapists was announced as an Xbox One console exclusive at Gamescom, for example, while the interesting multiplayer brawler Overruled! and Flockers have both been announced for both Sony and Microsoft’s latest and greatest.

A cross between Lemmings-style A-B gameplay, a dark and twisted artstyle and the sheep and humour of the Worms universe, Flockers has been in Early Access for the last few months, but we now have a final release date on all platforms. Friday 19th September is the day that the game will arrive on PS4, XBO and PC both digitally and at retail. The exception to this rule is that US PS4 owners will only be able to get the game digitally and the release date there is to be the following Tuesday, 23rd September.


The game’s going to feature 60 increasingly devilish mutton murdering levels, with 6 extra secret levels for you to find, as you try to escort the hapless sheep from the dangers of the Worms weapons factory to safety. While the PC version of the game has a level editor and sharing via Steam Workshop so that the community can expand the game, we have had it confirmed that this isn’t going to make the leap over to the two console versions.

Source: press release