Learn More About The Destiny Versions Of Mars, Venus & The Moon With Planet View Site

Destiny is out in one week’s time and to prepare people for the launch Bungie has launched a new website called Destiny Planet Explore, which uses Google map technology to create some trails to explore. On each planet there are points of interest that give a more in depth look at the lore behind the game’s story. There’s also some clues as where to find some of the rarer loot in the game, so it may pay to read all the descriptions you come across.


The locations you can explore for now are limited to Mars, the Moon, and Venus, each with their own unique secrets. There are a total of 90 points of interest to view across the three locations. It’s actually quite a neat use of Google’s map technology, and it wouldn’t be surprising if more publishers use the tech for their own games in the future.

Source: PR



  1. If you look at all the points of interest, you get a Bungie code that you can redeem for a new banner in game.

    • It turns out the code is the same for everyone. So if you want the banner without going through the planet view, I’m sure someone will have posted it somewhere.

      Its worth checking out though. Some great stuff to be seen!

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