Two New Destiny Trailers Show The PS4 Exclusive Dust Palace Strike & Also A Bit Of Live Action

Bungie is really ramping up its promotional output for Destiny which launches on Tuesday worldwide. Following the map tour and the Exodus Blue trailer from the past couple of days the studio has now released two more trailers. The first is a live action trailer which can be viewed above, showing some Guardians taking a tour of the Solar system while taking out enemy troops that get in their way.


The second trailer goes into more depth about the PS4 exclusive Dust Palace Strike, which is a mission set on Mars. The strike is said to last around 30 minutes and will require teamwork to beat it. The Dust Palace mission will see Guardians go up against the Cabal, an alien species who thrive on war. The voice over says that no two runs will be exactly the same as different enemy types will spawn in different areas, meaning you can’t just plan ahead. There will be rare loot available at the end including the exclusive Monte Carlo auto rifle, and the Hawkmoon hand cannon.

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  1. I loved the live action video, which I usually don’t. T-minus 4!

  2. nice stuff, both really good vids

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