PlayStation 4 Passes The Million Sales Mark In The UK

Sony has revealed that one million PS4s have been sold in the UK since its launch, with these figures being sales through to consumers not retail outlets. It’s a rather large milestone making the console the second quickest to reach the million mark in the UK, with Nintendo’s Wii holding the title for fastest to reach that goal. With the latest figures pointing at over 10 million PS4s sold worldwide the UK has approximately 10% of the market.

With the holiday season just a couple of months away the rate of sales will likely increase, and this time Sony is prepared to meet the demand. Speaking to Eurogamer Sony’s UK boss, Fergal Gera, stated that there will be plenty of supply this year, unlike last where there were shortages.


“So in short, way ahead. I’m expecting both a very strong sales Christmas and healthy volumes this Christmas. I don’t anticipate any consumer problems.”

Now we just have to wait for Microsoft to announce its sales figures, and with the new Kinectless bundle the million mark could be reached soon enough.

Source: Twitter/Eurogamer



  1. Microsoft are being cagey but it’s pretty obvious why. They don’t want to measure how far back they are which is understandable. It’s just a shame when they release the “shipped” figures as oppose to the “to consumer” figures as it only confuses the situation somewhat.

    • And makes it look like they’ve sold more than they have.

      • Only to people who don’t read further than the first sentence.

      • Which appears to be 90% of IGN readers. :-\

      • And 90% of those readers are also alcoholics who accidentally landed on the site after searching for GIN.

      • 90% of IGN readers can read? :O

  2. Very impressive figure, especially considering the system is still yet to see that “must have” title. Sony have really landed on their feet with this new system so far.

  3. Is the X1 really that close to the sales in the UK?? From info I last saw it could be a while before it hits the million mark?

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