Bungie Announces New Destiny Content For September & October

Bungie’s Destiny has quite a bit of content to explore from doing patrols in different locations, the story, strikes, raids, and also the chance to prove just how good you are against others in the Crucible, a place where I spend a lot of my time. Now the developer has released a schedule for new content coming to Destiny starting today.


As well as that content Bungie is also advising to keep an eye out for new characters in The Tower, who will have their own things to offer. Public events will also occur more frequently so keep an eye out for those. There will also be some new bounties to try and claim in that search for loot.

Source: Bungie



  1. Mmmmmmmm content….
    Loving this so far. Might invest in the season pass.

  2. These are more like MMO type missions rather than DLC aren’t they?

    I am guessing these will just appear rather than needing to download them from the store &/or pay for them?

    • Yeah, that’s how it’ll work. Just wait for the events to appear and jump in.

  3. Sounds good. Loving this game..

    Does anyone know how the Vanguard marks work? I must’ve accrued 6-700 marks(?) from completing bounties etc But they don’t show up. I’ve read they don’t apply until you reach rank 18.

    So, will they show up at rank 18, or should I avoid earning any until rank 18?

    • You don’t earn any until level 18. Then you can start earning them. Crucible matches and bounties will start giving you crucible marks, and bounties will give you vanguard marks. (And the level 20 strikes you’ll get too later)

      You won’t earn any marks at all until level 18, and there might be a limit of 100 of each sort per week.

      Your vanguard and crucible reputation does seem to count before level 18 though. Plus you get all the experience for doing things. Quite a big chunk of experience for lower levels. So you might as well have some bounties on the go as soon as you hit level 4.

      • Ah ok. I’ve been making sure I always have 4 (or is it 5)? bounties on the go.

      • 5. Best to do them in groups. If you’re doing crucible matches, get 5 bounties you can do there. Otherwise, get 5 you can do in the story.

        You can abandon them at any time (but best to do it with zero progress, obviously) and pick some different ones.

      • Bar a few, most of the bounties so far have been incidental bonuses. 100 kills without dying, 100 precision shots (headshots) etc etc.

        I only have blue (story) bounties on the go ATM as I haven’t tried the crucible yet. One is to kill 10 ‘ultra’ enemies. I’m on 9/10. I remember rightly the reward is 5000 xp :)

  4. You’ve been earing vanguard reputation not marks, you don’t start earning marks until lvl18

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