GTA V Gets PS4 And Xbox One Release On November 18th, PC In 2015

The last thing we needed was another blockbuster release to be coming in November, but I guess if anyone can come along and make it work, it’s going to be Rockstar, who have finally announced a date for the ports of GTA V to PS4, Xbox One and PC. The two new consoles will be getting GTA V on November 18th, while PC gamers will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the game early next year, on January 27th.


As was demonstrated in the trailer when these versions were announced a few months back, there’s a big leap in visual fidelity that goes along with the new hardware, with bullet points on Rockstar’s site pointing to:

  • New weapons, vehicles and activities
  • Additional wildlife
  • Denser traffic
  • New foliage system
  • Enhanced damage and weather effects, and much more

The extra power of the consoles is allowing Rockstar to increase the online player count, so that up to 30 players can be in the same game on PS4 and Xbox One.

There’s also a confirmation that the radios in the game are being enhanced and updated with new songs to listen to, while returning players from PS3 and 360 will gain exclusive access to new vehicles which have been added from previous GTA games, such as the Dukes and the Dodo Seaplane. While you can carry your progression forward to the new release and pick up where you left off – see here for more details – you can also get a bunch of in-game cash if you decide to pre-order.

For now, there’s a bunch of screenshots from the PS4 version which really show off that foliage system, some of which are in this gallery and in 1080p and with more back on Rockstar’s site, but there’s a new trailer coming at 2PM, which we’ll add when it goes live.

Update: It’s been added above.

Source: Rockstar



  1. Will there be an upgrade path from PS3 to PS4?

    • Pretty sure they already stated that there won’t be unfortunately.

  2. Sold! I just enjoyed driving around in Free Roam with my 2 buddies all in black Porches with tainted windows like we were straight out of Condorman!

  3. Online profile can be transferred so that would be good…although we appreciate not having to get the level 100 trophy again! :/

    I might buy this again, purely because it’ll likely be years before another GTA will come out, and it’ll always be good to return to for a bit of mayhem.

  4. “see here for more details” Link?

    Also, bunch of in-game cash. Bunch of screenshots. God, how I hate that word and how it’s been utterly abused by our across-the-pond friends. It’s like they’ve torn half of the dictionary out and just use the same 200 words or so for everything. :-(

    Great news about how the game is shaping up, though. I’m happy. Look… look. *smiles*

    • It is over used, unless we’re talking about girls hair in bunches… girls hair in bunches wearing school uniform… & before I get in trouble, girls as in young ‘ADULT’ girls.

      • *cough* Legal, of course *cough*

        *goes to check latest on random BBC Radio DJ who’s undoubtedly in court at this very moment*

    • Sorry. I wrote this in a hurry, so I might not have used too big a bunch of words what I know. I’ll dig out my thesaurus next time.

      • Leave Dinosaurs out of this.

  5. YESSSSSSSSS this year!!

  6. Finally! :D

  7. A 30 man TSA GTAV PS4 meet would be pretty cool.
    29 of us could all hunt down 1 individual member. See how long they can survive.

    • You can hunt me down and whoever finds my ‘laughing gap’ first, wins.

      Clue: My laughing gap is between my legs. If someone’s hands are there, I’m laughing! :-)

      • Looks like I’ll be buying the PS4 Exclusive Marigold Box Set.

    • I’m not going to buy thi… Hold on that sounds great. It looks as if I’ll definitely buying this now.

      • Good man. First target, Mike!

      • He he yes it looks that way :-P

  8. That’s it, my wallet is going on suicide-watch.

  9. My poor bank account, literally poor.

    • I feel you. Well at least I didn’t get it the first time around, that should be some relief right? Right?!

  10. Never played the game on 360/PS3 as the last GTA I enjoyed was Vice City. Might have to pick it up on next gen at some point though as I feel I’m missing out.

    • really would recommend it, GTA IV I hated, thought the story was meh and so boring however GTA V was incredible, the 3 characters are brilliant especially Trevor but GTA online with friends is so much fun.

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