Jungle Rumble: Freedom, Happiness, & Bananas Bringing The Beat To PS Vita

Disco Pixel has announced that a port of mobile title Jungle Rumble is going to be releasing on Vita, with added features not found in the mobile versions. The title is a rhythm game where players have to drum along on the screen to send a tribe of monkeys to war, interacting with objects in the environment like the trees and coconuts for movement and weapon options. There apparently isn’t a script to follow, like you would in something like Guitar Hero, with the drumming controlling all of the action.


The PS Vita version of Jungle Rumble will have a new tutorial, more levels have been included with bonus stages making an appearance. There are also more music tracks available to drum to. There is also a story going on which looks at why the monkeys have gone to war against there neighbours, and since its over bananas my guess is that the monkey tribe didn’t have proper resource management practices in place.

Source: PS Blog


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  1. Seems similar to Orgarythm where you tap the screen to the beat to move the people.

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