Out This Week: Disney Infinity, Wasteland & Hyrule Warriors

After a brief Summer drought, it’s finally here: the end-of-year video game onslaught. Heralded by last week’s launch of Destiny, things are only going to get busier and busier and we plough through these Autumn months.

With the dust still yet to settle around Bungie’s latest sci-fi shooter, this week is notably tame compared to what awaits down the line. Mind you, with heavy hitters such as Disney Infinity 2.0 and Hyrule Warriors on the way, there’s plenty to be excited for.

Murasaki Baby | PS Vita | Wednesday

Here’s a game with a quirky art-style which is surely a fit for the PS Vita, making use of its touch features. It’s a puzzler at core, and we’ll let the trailer do the talking…

Flockers | PS4, Xbox One, PC | Wednesday

Flockers is Lemmings for a new generation. While sheep might not have the same appeal (well, depending on where you’re from…) as the little green-haired creatures, the gameplay might entice some.

At £19, though, it’s quite pricey for the content involved, as Dan discovered in our review:

Flockers is by no means a baaad game, but it’s nothing all that special either. If you go into the game expecting a satisfying side-scrolling puzzler you’re going to get exactly that. The level design is wonderfully challenging, but in parts is let down by the fiddly and sluggish cursor. I can’t help but feel though that Flockers isn’t the type of game you bought your PS4 for.

Disney Infinity 2.0 | PS3, PS4, Wii U, Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC | Friday

Disney Infinity was always bound for greatness. With a catalogue of iconic characters and locations to fall back on, it seemed like just the perfect idea after years of hit and miss movie tie-ins. Needless to say, when the game finally touched down at the end of last Summer, it soon began to generate excitement. What surprised us, however, was the game’s appeal outside its core demographic, turning gamers away from their usual vices and dropping them into their own malleable toy boxes.


2.0 offers a similar experience, albeit with one important twist. Aside from playing as your favourite Disney characters, the sequel also allows you to tussle with a huge cast of Marvel icons. From Captain America and Spider-Man, to Star Lord and Groot, they’re all here. Expect our review in the coming weeks.

Wasteland 2 | PC | Friday


Hyrule Warriors | Wii U | Friday

KOEI’s Warriors franchise is pretty huge, both in its sheer size and level of popularity. What originally started out as a PlayStation One fighting game has developed into a series of historical brawlers, charting both the Three Kingdoms and Warring States eras. Seemingly not content, the publisher -which then went on to merge with Tecmo- started creating spin-offs, including One Piece and Gundam. Now, with the Warriors franchise as popular as ever, TK has turned its attention to existing video game properties.

One thing prospective buyers should know from get go is that this isn’t a Legend of Zelda game. Though it carries a familiar cast of characters and vistas, this is without a Warriors spin-off, albeit one that could certainly hold its ground, especially on Wii U.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call | 3DS | Friday

Whether lost in space with Destiny or making shelf space for even more Disney Infnity toys, let us know what’s on your radar this week.


  1. Good to see this feature return. Very useful! :-)

  2. My son has saved up his birthday and pocket money for the Disney Infinity 2.0 Collectors Edition which we pre-ordered. I really hope it lives up to his expectations.

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