Rumour: Guerrilla Games’ New IP ‘Horizon’ Artwork Leaked

Guerrilla Games has been very quiet about its new IP, and all we have are rumours to go on. What they say is that the next title will be an RPG, and there likely will be the inclusion of multiplayer and microtransactions.  Apparently now a couple of images have leaked showing the art direction of the Killzone studio’s next IP,apparently called Horizon, and they look rather insane. Be prepared for mech dinosaurs fighting humans.




The leak comes via a Chinese forum called A9VG, and these images have yet to be verified by anyone from Sony or Guerrilla. So for the moment take these images with a pinch of salt as they could be someone’s own drawings being used to fuel this rumour. If this is in fact the IP Guerrilla is working on then this could be fun. From those drawings I’m getting an Evolve vibe, though I could be way off.

Source: A9VG via NeoGAF



  1. Looks interested but any mention of micro transactions is enough to put me off a game.

    • Interesting I meant to say, not interested.

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