Guerrilla Games Next Title Likely To Contain Microtransactions

Guerrilla Games is working on a new IP, that much is certain, but any real indication of what this next title will be about is yet to be confirmed. the studio wants to branch away from Killzone and try its hand at something new, and We might get a reveal at E3. Some new details have emerged that do give a few clues via a job listing for online designers, and it appears that microtransactions will be part of the multiplayer side of the title.



The listing also states the game will have a “significant online focus”, so this could hint towards a possible MMO switch by the studio. Microtransactions could certainly also be another clue pointing to that. The developer is also looking for someone who has worked on games that have a social focus, and supported online gaming communities. The PS4 is open to MMOs and having Guerrilla produce one could be a very interesting move.

Source: Guerrilla Games



  1. Every shooter is a game with a significant online focus nowadays, not just MMOs.

    As for micro-transactions… That would be horrible. Unless they’re talking about skins and such like Killzone Shadowfall has.

  2. I hope it’s not an MMO. Guerrilla have a habit of providing good single player modes, Killzone being one of the few FPS series still doing so. I hope they continue to do so.

  3. Maybe Guerrilla are going to make a Destiny killer…

    Get it? Because Killzone was touted as a Halo killer?

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