Final Fantasy XV Trailer Shown At TGS

Final Fantasy XV made an appearance at the Tokyo Game Show this week in the form of a striking new trailer. For those that don’t know the history behind it, XV was previously slated to be Versus XIII and has been in development for several years, as it was originally expected to be a PS3 game.


While the trailer tends to lean on cinematics in the beginning, it leads into a solid showing of gameplay as it progresses. It’s hard to tell much about the battle system from what we can see, but we’re sure to hear more about the game as its currently unannounced release date on PS4 and Xbox One gets a little closer.

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  1. It looks good to me.
    I’m wondering which battle system they will be using in XV. Looking at the video it looks to be like it XII but it is 07.51 so it maybe just me.

    There is a rumour that the remake for VII is on its way in 2015 to be shown at E3 but take that as a pinch of salt. If its true than I will be more than happy.

  2. Looks nice. Fighting style looks different but I like it. WIll be a day one for me, just can’t resist the Final Fantasy series.

  3. While I enjoyed XIII, and thought XIII-2 was even better, they’re going to have to do something pretty impressive to convince me after the total disaster of Lightning Returns.

    That trailer is reasonably good looking, but the battle system looks a little bit too “action RPG” for me. Which was one of the endless list of problems with LR.

    Also, it seems to contain a bunch of goths. Or those modern pretend goths. I think they’re called emus or something.

    And a car. That doesn’t seem right for a FF game.

    • FFVIII had a car. I saved and saved and saved enough gill for it. Hired it and then realised it wasn’t really required at the start of the game. 10,000 Gil and a lot of grinding, what a waste of time.

      • You think that’s a waste of time, grinding for all that money?

        I bought the house in FF7. Which is almost completely pointless. But trivial compared to the effort needed to get a gold chocobo and get that lovely Knights of Round summon (and effectively break the game)

      • I loved the Knights of the Round. Used it on everything, including all the crap enemies. Was brilliant fun. Never bought the house though. That was in the Costa del Sol place, wasn’t it?

      • Yes, the house in Costa del Sol.

        A quick Google and I discover it cost 300,000 Gil. Which I can’t believe I managed to grind that much money. But it lets you stay at inns for free. Which is totally useless by that point in the game.

        KoR has to be the best summon in any FF game ever. Just because it’s so completely overpowered. Makes ruby/emerald weapon fairly easy (with some sensible materia choices). And Sephiroth becomes totally trivial. One or 2 summons of KoR and he’s finished.

  4. I always love the look of the FF trailers and cinematics, but I just don’t get how to play RPGs at all, I am awful at them! Looks great, if it’s playable as a mindless hack and slash I’ll buy it :)

  5. It’s Project Cars, the Squeenix edition, isn’t it?

  6. IT’S ALIVE!

    There’s something Xenoblade-esque about it.

  7. KOR was an epic summon. Combined with Mime or with X2( what ever it was called) materia it was endless fun until the weapons were overcome with sword slashing 9999s.

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