Watch 30 Minutes Of Bloodborne Footage

We’ve seen trailers, we’ve seen sections of gameplay, but if you really want to know what Bloodborne is about, then this 30 minute long gameplay walkthrough should have you sorted.

There’s a detailed breakdown of what you can see at each section of the video in the YouTube description, if you don’t feel like spending 30 minutes of your time. Here’s what’s included:

1:14 New Weapon Transformation: Double The Blades, Double The Fun
6:01 First Death
7:10 Showing off the combo system
9:10 So much atmosphere you can taste it!
10:00 Critical Hit and Instant Kill
11:35 Death Comes QUICK
11:45 NEW WEAPON: Hammer
13:35 The Hammer in action
17:25 Another quick death. Welcome to Bloodborne :)
21:21 The Cleaver Saw in action and a sticky situation
22:32 Firebomb and mini-boss
23:31 There be dogs in these lands.
24:47 Wait, who’s this? A helping hand joins the fray to take on werewolves

So, there you go, lots of weapons, bosses and plenty of death in this video. Bloodborne will release on Europe and North America on February 6th 2015, as announced at TGS earlier.

Source: YouTube