Standing Still Doesn’t Help In The Battlefield Hardline Trailer

EA have released a new trailer for Battlefield spin off, Hardline, focusing on the fast-paced Hotwire game mode.

It looks more like Need For Speed with guns to be honest, but if shooty car action is your thing then Hardline looks certain to deliver.


Thad Sasser, Lead MP Designer, has also offered his top tips for the game which include “standing still doesn’t help” and “drive fast”. Top tips there Thad, cheers for that.

Battlefield Hardline will be available in early 2015 on the usual suspects.

Source: EA



  1. Looks less and less like Battlefield, but does actually look quite fun!

    • Think that they billed it as battlefield just to sell it.the only thing battlefield about it is the UI.other than that its got nuttin’ to do with the franchise.
      Saying that though it could turn out to be a laugh with a few friends. The beta was quite fun.

  2. The more I see of this game, the less I want it. Sorry but this just looks shit. It’s not Battlefield and it looks like they are trying to make a game out of nothing, if that makes sense.

    • Same here.
      In fact, it looks like a modern version of Chase HQ! Admittedly, that was pretty cool!

  3. Looks fun, but not a BF game…I guess a new IP is always risky so makes sense to use the BF name. However, I guess it’s disappointing for the BF fans wanting a new game.

    My only concern with chases such as this is that if you fall behind playing catch-up can always mean you’re missing out on all the fun!

    • I agree wholeheartedly with you. I take my hat off to EA for trying out a new splintered Battlefield IP, but I too have concerns about the way the game hangs together.

  4. We are polarised here, I like it more now I see it is less like BF. Starting from the BF engine means gunplay will be solid, I’m hoping for a more immediate style of play, at least in some modes. Could be great.

  5. How can people say its not a battlefield game? To me it looks like the same game as BF4 with a cops and robbers skin over the top?

    • Like this… Its not a battlefield game. ;)

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